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From Void to Abundance


From Void to Abundance

Genesis 1


There’s nothing like the feeling of creating something out of nothing. Taking a blank slate, raw wood, untainted metal, and fabricating it into something new is an amazing talent. One show that intrigues me is those shows about forging metal. How they can take simple items like railroad spikes, motorcycle parts and power tools and turn them into a Japanese sword is astounding. More so, reading on how God created this world is jaw dropping.
In the beginning there was nothing but void. The earth was formless, empty and dark. God’s Spirit hovered over the waters. God then spoke and light appeared for the first time. God spoke and waters and sky began to separate. God spoke and the waters and land started coming together. God spoke and there was plant growth. God spoke and there were stars/signs placed in the sky. God spoke and there was life, increase and authority granted to man.
In our situations how often have we felt that our life was formless, empty and dark?
We may feel like we are nothing. Whether that is a result of sin, neglect, fear, struggle, regret, mistakes, failure, stress, heartache, or death, the path taken has resulted in a feeling of despair and loneliness.
But even in the darkest of places we serve a God whose Spirit still moves.
We serve a living God that all we have to do is allow Him to speak into our situation.
That starts with faith.
When we allow God to speak we will began to see light…maybe it’s a light at the end of the tunnel. As God speaks we will began to feel that separation from the darkness. We will experience hope. As God speaks we will began to witness things starting to come together. When we allow God to speak our lives will experience growth and change.
The life change will begin to bring forth fruit.
When God speaks there is new life. There is increase. When God speaks we are given authority.
On the seventh day God rested. We can rest assured in knowing that when we allow God to speak into our lives and our situations we will experience rest. We can know that God is in control and He will make a way. If we can trust that God created this world from nothing then how much more is He able to bring us through dark times?
Psalm 107:14: “He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death. And broke their bands apart”
- Josh Schader